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Colorado Tech (suit pending)
El Chico Mexican Cafe (sued 8/04)
Midwest Hydroponic (sued 8/04)
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Offender of the month for October 2004:
$3,775,000.00 worth of fraudulant email and counting


INCREDIBLY: After being sued in Federal Court, AmeriQuest’s Bedford Home Loans division is STILL BUYING SPAM GENERATED LEADS as of October 13, 2004.
AmeriQuest Mortgage has been in the spam game for more than a year now. We know this because of a number of interesting facts.
  • MSNBC did a story on their use of spam in August 2003.
  • AmeriQuest (and/or Bedford Home Loans, a division of AmeriQuest) was still answering spam generated leads as late as October 13, 2004. All the way up to September of 2004.
  • AmeriQuest is still using the same lead company ( mentioned in this news story.
In the news story it described how they discovered that AmeriQuest was one of the major players behind mortgage spam. It was simple, really, they just clicked a link in one of the mortgage spams they had received. Then they filled out the form, submitted it and waited.

Sure enough, AmeriQuest was among the companies that called the very next day. After being confronted about the fact that the lead was obtained via spam AmeriQuest pretended to leap into action to ferret out and destroy the spammer. They put on a pretty good show. With all this talk about zero tolerance and contracts forbidding spamming. Although they claim to be zero tolerance, guess what continues to happen without pause: they continue buying spam generated leads.

According to the story...
Mleads attorney Derek Newman said the firm doesn’t tolerate spam, and is “careful about policing affiliates.” Indeed, after a little research, Newman was able to fill out the picture of our spam’s history, and he said the offending affiliate was immediately canned.
Now if everyone is so concerned about zero tolerance on spam then why in the world do they continue to do business with the same lead companies over and over and over? (Here’s a hint: BECAUSE THEY’RE MAKING A BOAT LOAD OF MONEY!) AmeriQuest has already been sued in Federal Court. We will post updates concerning this case here as they become available to us.

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