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Lawsuits Filed

WebGuy.NET -vs- El Chico Mexican Cafe ||| View Petition ||| Case # CJ-2004-7105

WebGuy.NET -vs- Midwest Hydroponic ||| View Petition ||| Case # CJ-2004-7104

Omega World Travel -vs- WebGuy.NET

Other Lawsuits of Interest

Braver -vs- AmeriQuest Mortgage ||| View Petition ||| Case # CJ-2004-1158

Next in Line to be Filed

(in this order)

WebGuy.NET -vs- LeadTerminus ||| View Petition

WebGuy.NET -vs- SubscriberBASE Holdings ||| View Petition

WebGuy.NET -vs- ContinentalWarranty ||| View Petition

Pending Suits

WebGuy.NET -vs- ||| View Petition

WebGuy.NET -vs- Ameriquest ||| View Petition

WebGuy.NET -vs- EliteMate ||| View Petition

WebGuy.NET -vs- Nuos ||| View Petition

WebGuy.NET -vs- SkyList ||| View Petition

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