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What is spam?

Quite simply put, spam is unwanted, bulk email. It is email that is sent out to multiple recipients that you did not ask for and do not want. Spam can also appear in the form of off-topic newsgroup posts. Spam is simply the electronic version of junk snail mail and junk faxes.
While there are tons of definitions of the word “spam” all over the internet. To eliminate all of the confusion just remember that spam is ANY bulk email (multiple copies sent to multiple email addresses) that you didn’t specifically ask to receive.

Most states now have a spam law. Use the map below to see what the spam laws are for each state by clicking each one below. The links below will take you directly to the web site where you can read each state’s spam law. Click a state below to get started. You can also read this handy summary of state laws to save some time.

Here are all of the states that currently have some type of spam law (in blue):

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